Our Super Heroes

LUCY is a nine pound, black-and-tan, long-haired miniature dachshund who loves cheddar cheese goldfish, snuggling with The Kidlets, and sun-bathing in the kitchen. On her no-no list: exercise, big dogs, and the vacuum cleaner.

Lucy resides with Nina Clark, author.

ZOSHI is a thick-furred Shiba Inu who enjoys singing along to Emmylou Harris. ♪♫♯♩

 Zoshi resides with Sara Pulver, illustrator.

HENRY is part Shar Pei part Garbage Pail Raider who likes warming himself on the heat register and eating apples.

Henry resides with Sara Pulver, illustrator.

BAILEY is a five year old mini Goldendoodle with a Napoleon complex. He loves to bark a greeting to everyone, and then go belly up for a tummy rub. His favorite place to sleep is on the forbidden furniture, and his favorite game is keep-away with a tennis ball. You toss the ball, and he keeps it away from you.

Bailey resides with Vicki Garbe, editor.

CHACHI is a six year old, five pound, slightly accident-prone rescue Chihuahua who acts in such a way as he believes befits his size and station. Sadly, he also believes himself to be a 95-pound Rottweiler, proving once and for all that there are downsides to having a brain the size of a pecan. Politely referred to as "feisty" by visitors to our home, he will one moment howl at the indignity of trespassers, and the next moment be bouncing off their shins, wagging his tail, and begging for love. But no, don't try to pet our little conflicted boy, as he will only run screaming in terror.

Chachi resides with Kate Sohl, editor.

EMMA is a 15 year old Yorkshire Terrier who specializes in being nervous. I brought her home when she was just 10 weeks old, and she's been my companion ever since. Raised in an office with 50 playmates at her disposal, she's certain of her place as the center of the universe. She is an unabashed Momma's girl, as evidenced by her propensity to bark at every single car that drives down our street if I'm not in the house. The neighbors are prepared to pay me NOT to go on vacation.

Emma resides with Kate Sohl, editor.

REILLY is a 12 year old rescue hairless Chinese Crested. Sweet beyond compare, Reilly's main goal is to somehow get back to his native Mexico, where being completely naked has fewer drawbacks. He suffers the humiliation of various frou-frou sweaters, coats and pajamas with little dignity and a Houdini-esque ability to shuck these torture devices at will. Like Lucy, he loves to give kisses, but has an unfortunate talent for getting his lizard-like tongue between the lips of unsuspecting humans.

Reilly resides with Kate Sohl, editor.