About The Book

What happens when an ordinary weenie dog consumes a pile of magic beans?

She turns into a super hero.


Lucy the Diva Doxie irritates her family with an obsessive licking habit. Then one day she consumes a pile of magic beans and something extraordinary happens. She transforms into LUCY THE WONDER WEENIE. After adopting her new super hero persona, Lucy makes a startling discovery. Her bothersome habit has the power to comfort tearful children and create laughter, love, and joy.

Because every dog's a super hero.

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What are folks saying about LUCY THE WONDER WEENIE?

"Lucy (a licking-obsessed wiener dog diva) is sure to tickle the funny bones of young kids and wiener dog-lovers of all ages. The bright, charmingly wacky illustrations build the perfect world for a wiener dog with a newly-found superpower." -- Pam Smallcomb, author of EARTH TO CLUNK

"Anyone who's ever been owned by a dachshund will appreciate the tales of Lucy The Wonder Weenie...The illustrations by Sara Pulver are dynamic and vibrant, and the story by Nina Clark captures the essence of diva dachshunds." -- Darlene Marshall, author and owner of her own diva doxie

"Absolutely loved it!...Whimsically illustrated, this dachshund tale will be sure to please any child or those owned by dachshunds! This should be on any dog lover's shelf." -- Book Hounds

"How can you not want to read about an adorable doxie who becomes a super weenie dog with special powers? Also the illustrations are wonderful!" -- Babbling About Books

"...clever and whimsical...Lucy is one fab pooch and I look forward to her future adventures." -- 5 stars! Juju from Tales of Whimsy -- see full review here!

"...an awesome book...the story is cute, touching and funny...this book is not just for children, but for anyone who loves cute stories, fun illustrations and weenie dogs." -- Pearls Cast Before A McPig

"This book smacks of happiness" -- Denise Janikowski-Krewal, poet and animal-lover

"LUCY THE WONDER WEENIE is an adorable book! My kids loved it. Great bedtime story." -- Lindsay, mother to 5 and 8 yr old kiddies

"The adult that wrote it never lost their inner child." -- Kylie, 13, owner of doxie named Penny

"alarious" -- Duncan, age 4

"It's sooooooo cuuuuuuute!" -- Pamela

"LUCY THE WONDER WEENIE is fun, funny and creative! Other kids will love it, and I want more Lucy books!" -- Leala, age 8, who hangs out with her two dachshunds Maggie and Cash

"Such a cute book and cool illustrations." -- Bill

"I love Lucy The Wonder Weenie! And she loves me too!" -- Bobbi

"LUCY THE WONDER WEENIE is adorable and charming, just like Lucy." -- My mother