Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday Morning Updates!

1. Lucy got a bath this weekend. Natty, my 10 year old daughter, LOVES to give Lucy a bath. I'm not sure Lucy enjoys it all that much, but she is very nice and fluffy right now.

2. LUCY THE WONDER WEENIE got a super nice shout-out by bestselling author Eloisa James on her Facebook page. Eloisa also has a doxie--an adorable rescue dachshund named Lucy! She said LTWW is "a great book for any short people in your life who love wiener dogs"....YAY!

3. The paperback version of our book is ON SALE for only $7.65 at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Happy Week from Nina and Lucy!


Darlene Marshall said...

My doxie always gives me an accusing look when I bathe her, a "What did I ever do to you to deserve this treatment?" glare.

Fabulous review from Eloisa! We're all looking forward to more Lucy adventures in the future.

Penelope said...

Lucy always looks so sad and bedraggled in the tub, with all her fluff flattened. Hee hee! So put out!