Sunday, March 3, 2013

Lucy Goes Digital!

Once upon a time, I wrote a book with Sara Pulver. I figured we would release it as a print version, since it never occurred to me that a children's book would be appropriate in digital format.

Then my husband started bugging me. "Why aren't you releasing it as an ebook?"

Me, exasperated: "Duh!!!! It's a kid's book!"

Him: "Duh! Kids read Kindles, kids read books on iPads, get with the program."

So, I mulled over this idea for a bit and decided that yes, kids are hip and happening in the digital age, and that I could totally see a family stuck in a car for 14 hours driving to Michigan for a family reunion, and the kids were in the backseat reading digital books, and one of those kids might want to read about a super hero weenie dog and get a good chuckle.

Hey, hubby is smart!

So I contacted digital formatting master Jaye, who got me in touch with digital formatting master Jayne, who made us the most adorable, creative, cool, totally impressive digital version of LUCY THE WONDER WEENIE! Full color! ADORABLE!

And, I decided to jump start our digital sales with a super low, low price. 99 cents!!!!!

A super sweet, super fun, super heroic weenie dog for only 99 cents?

What a sweet deal!

If you have a Kindle Fire or iPad or other full color tablet, check out this awesome version of LUCY THE WONDER WEENIE for only 99 cents! ------>

Feeling extremely hip and happening in the digital world,

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