Monday, January 28, 2013

Super Hero Canine and Felines!

Our first super hero of the day is Ruby. She was adopted by author Diane Haynes from Louisiana in November 2011. A Louisiana hound...excellent!

Next, we have two feline super heroes. First up is Batman, who belongs to Sara's mom. Here is what Sara wrote about this cutie...

"Batman lived up the road but came over so often that eventually the original family gave up and let mom and Doug just keep the cat. My mom is in the early stages of Alzheimer's (or some kind of memory eating disease) and this little cat brings her so much happiness. She's always getting up to find her Keekee as she calls him, and loves to tell us about his antics jumping all over the furniture and always wanting to go outside."

Thanks, Sara, for sharing this awesome story. Batman really is your mom's super hero. I love it!

And finally, we have Jimmy, who belongs to Sara's sister, Marty. 

"Jimmy has been a delightful addition to our home which he graciously shares with his fellow feline companions – Liza Jane & Ginger. When our favorite mancat Binky had to be put down in January 2008, we were devastated. Jimmy has filled a void that we never thought could be filled.

Thanks Jimmy!

We love you." --from Marty, Sara's sister

I totally know that feeling. When my first doxie Rudy died, I was devastated. Lucy helped our whole family to heal. 

Diane, Sara and Marty, thanks for sending the photos and stories about your adorable super heroes. Love them all!

Happy Day,

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3crows said...

Aww, thanks for posting my mom's and sister's super hero kittys. Being animal lovers runs in the family. My grandma had a 'pet' squirrel who would visit her at her back door everyday and take treats out of her hand!