Monday, January 28, 2013

Super Hero Canine and Felines!

Our first super hero of the day is Ruby. She was adopted by author Diane Haynes from Louisiana in November 2011. A Louisiana hound...excellent!

Next, we have two feline super heroes. First up is Batman, who belongs to Sara's mom. Here is what Sara wrote about this cutie...

"Batman lived up the road but came over so often that eventually the original family gave up and let mom and Doug just keep the cat. My mom is in the early stages of Alzheimer's (or some kind of memory eating disease) and this little cat brings her so much happiness. She's always getting up to find her Keekee as she calls him, and loves to tell us about his antics jumping all over the furniture and always wanting to go outside."

Thanks, Sara, for sharing this awesome story. Batman really is your mom's super hero. I love it!

And finally, we have Jimmy, who belongs to Sara's sister, Marty. 

"Jimmy has been a delightful addition to our home which he graciously shares with his fellow feline companions – Liza Jane & Ginger. When our favorite mancat Binky had to be put down in January 2008, we were devastated. Jimmy has filled a void that we never thought could be filled.

Thanks Jimmy!

We love you." --from Marty, Sara's sister

I totally know that feeling. When my first doxie Rudy died, I was devastated. Lucy helped our whole family to heal. 

Diane, Sara and Marty, thanks for sending the photos and stories about your adorable super heroes. Love them all!

Happy Day,

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Next Big Thing at Penelope's

Please stop by Penelope's blog today to find out lots of fun details about LUCY THE WONDER Nina came up with the idea, how Sara and Nina became partners-in-crime, and most importantly...who will play LUCY in the film version? (Hint: It's Julia Roberts, of course).


p.s. Above painting is Cat Road Trip, available at Sara's Etsy store. Check it out!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Kitty Super Hero!

This is author Barbara Wallace's Super Hero...The Ho! Hee hee! What a cutie. Here's a bit about The Ho...

My super hero pet is no longer with us.   We love all our pets, but you know how there’s always one pet in your life that stands out head and shoulder above the others?  For me, that pet is “The Ho.”  Yes, his name was “The Ho.”  Actually, it was “Das Ho” like in “Das Boot”.  He was the smartest, most human cat that ever lived.  In fact, if only he had opposable thumbs.  Then he would have ruled the world.  Where other cats – like my current kitten, Minion – are content playing silly cat games like burying a pen cap beneath a blanket and then looking for it, The Ho preferred to spend his time on better pursuits.  Like having his morning half-n-half and watching the birds in the backyard.  He wasn’t a big hunter – after all, why hunt when you could have chicken cooked and served for you?  And if there were people around, then he insisted on having the best seat in the house.  We once had a Christmas holiday where Peter’s 70 year old uncle sat on the floor because The Ho was sprawled across the sofa.  “He looks comfortable,” was what we were told.  And if I had a nickel for every time Andrew hollered for me to come outside because they were “Trying to place baseball and Ho keeps sitting on second base!”  Because you know how cats and kids throwing balls go together.

But perhaps the best Ho story ever, however, was when we lived in Framingham.  We were visiting our elderly neighbor when all of a sudden she announced, “Oh, my little friend is here!  I don’t know where he comes from, but he comes here every afternoon to take a nap on our sun porch.”  She opens the door, and in walks Ho. He walked right past us, and plopped himself down for a nap on a nearby chaise. 

The Ho passed away at 18 years old.  He was deaf and cranky, but still in charge till the end.  No other cat will ever reach his level of coolness.  He is the Shaft of Cats.

Can you tell he was our baby? Pre-Andrew of course.

PS: Minion is still chasing the pen cap.


Thank you, Barbara, for sharing your memories! Barbara Wallace is a New England romance writer who has a new release out with Harlequin called The Billionaire's Fair Lady. I love Barb's books!

Happy Week,

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Who's Your Super Hero?

Sara Pulver and I are super excited to release our first children's book, LUCY THE WONDER WEENIE. We'd like to celebrate by hosting a super hero pet party at the blog.

If you have a pet--any pet!--dog, cat, llama, pet rock, fish, seriously anything--let us know. I am collecting photos and short descriptions to post.

Lucy is our current super hero. Her special powers include bionic licking, curling her body into a super tight ball, and sweeping the floor with her bushy tail.

Who's your pet super hero? Let us know! Send me an email at ninaclarkbooks AT gmail DOT com, and include a photo and short description of your pet. You will be entered in a drawing to win a copy of LUCY THE WONDER WEENIE!

Enjoy your super heroes today!
Nina Clark

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

About The Illustrator

SARA PULVER has been painting from imagination, from life, and when necessary, from imaginary life for over twenty years. She manages a quiet cottage existence amidst the din of an aging lakeside amusement park. Sara enjoys gardening, cooking, and creating with her family, which includes a handful of pets and one equally creatively mad man-friend by her side.

Check out Sara's wonderful shop at Etsy... 3Crows!

About The Author

NINA CLARK has been surrounded by wiener dogs since the age of ten, starting with Max, a large dachshund who resembled a loaf of peasant bread. Since then, there have been large weenies, small weenies, smooth weenies and long-haired weenies. All of them had sausage-like figures, ear-bursting barks, and serious attitude.

Nina currently lives with Lucy the Diva Doxie outside of Boston, Massachusetts. Nina, Papa Carl, and Kidlets Natty and Cristian are the lucky recipients of Lucy's obsessive compulsive licking disorder.

Nina also publishes romance novels as Penny Watson.